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When you hire grinding and cutting tools for any construction job you want to make sure you have the best blades too. You could be wasting your time, having a grinder or saw lying idle because cheap blades have lost their edge too soon. Even worse, a cheap blade could damage a hired tool, meaning you could lose your deposit.

At One Stop Hire we have sourced DUROBASE diamond blades that are durable and effective but, more importantly, don't break the bank. There are four types available for the different construction jobs you might tackle:

  • DSBM - General purpose medium to lightweight building materials
  • DCM - General purpose but capable of dealing with more durable construction materials
  • DPA/C - Fast cutting through asphalt and concrete
  • DSM - specialist 6mm mortar-raking blade

Use the right blade for the right job and all these diamond blades will give you good service. Let's go into each one in a bit more detail.


DSBM - building materials

The DSBM general purpose diamond blade cuts hard bricks, concrete kerbs, beams and lintels, facing bricks and lightly reinforced concrete. Keyhole gullets mean good waste clearance with less chipping and it's available in 8mm or 10mm segments heights. An excellent all-round cutter.





DCM - construction materials

For heavier constructions materials the DCM has a reinforced flange, turbo segments and a 3D gullet design to clear away waste quickly and cut speedily. The ventilated core aids cooling, leading to longer life. The DCM blade will tackle reinforced concrete, facing beams and concrete kerbs, beams and lintels. It will also deal with occasional concrete and asphalt use, but for intensive work with these two materials, take a look at the DPA/C below.




DPA/C - concrete and asphalt

The DPA/C diamond blade is designed specifically to cut asphalt and concrete but will also cope with all types of reinforced concrete, concrete kerbs, beams and lintels, house bricks, granite, Class A engineering bricks, Indian stone and abrasive materials. This diamond blade has wider gullets, conical segments and a ventilated core for longer life and lower vibration.





DSM - mortar raking

The DSM mortar raking blade has an 8mm segment height and is 6mm thick, making it perfect for raking out mortar before repointing. The dimensions should suit most walls and the DSM will cope with all types of hard and abrasive mortar.






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